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Actuary (Matching Adjustment Attestation)

Solvency UK - Secondment

Location: London

Job Type: Full time

Purpose: To work on the Solvency UK project and act as the workstream lead for the matching adjustment attestation workstream. Lead successful development of methodology, managing technical SMEs, to support the credit attestation process under Solvency UK as per required regulatory timetable, and support development of methodology for incorporation of assets with non-fixed cashflows in Matching Adjustment portfolio.

Examples of Key Activities:

  • Attendee at ALCO, Credit Committee, Insurance Committee, and Matching Adjustment Committee as required.
  • Delivery of key Solvency UK reform deliverables for credit risk, mainly focused on the matching adjustment attestation workstream.

Skills and Knowledge:

  • Excellent problem analysis and resolution skills.
  • Good understanding of the products/services provided by the Group, their risks, and their capital requirements.
  • Good industry knowledge of the markets within which Group operates.
  • Good understanding of the operating systems and processes within the Group.
  • Ability to maintain competence and up-to-date knowledge.
  • Strong understanding of risk management and Solvency II framework.
  • Ability and experience of modeling investment risk on liquid and illiquid investments.
  • Ability to lead and influence others.


  • Extensive life industry experience.
  • Specific experience in credit risk.
  • Experience in managing technical teams and projects.
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