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Actuary List is a niche job board for the actuarial profession. We post jobs covering every stage of your career path:

You can browse remote, hybrid and office-based jobs from 41 countries and 256 cities around the world.

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We’re a small team of actuaries based in the UK. We started Actuary List in 2022 after becoming frustrated with existing job boards that look like they were made in 2002.

If you’re an actuary and you’ve ever searched for a job, you’ve probably noticed that other actuarial job boards are a pain to use.

They're clunky and there’s no quick way to find actuarial jobs that match your skills and tech preferences (e.g. Pricing, Consulting, R or Python).

We think the actuarial community deserves a modern job board that gives you actuarial-specific job filters, not just location or job title.

Our goal is to help you find the job that's right for you - and avoid the ones that aren't.

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