Welcome to Actuary List

Hi everyone, welcome to our new job board.

We’re a small team of actuaries based in the UK. We started Actuary List after experiencing both sides of the hiring process and becoming frustrated with existing job boards.

If you’re an actuary and you’ve ever searched for a job, you’ve probably noticed that existing actuarial job boards are a pain to use. They're clunky and there’s no quick way to find actuarial jobs that match your skills and job preferences (e.g. Consulting, Pricing or Machine Learning).

We started Actuary List to make it easier for actuaries to find their next job.

It's still early days. We’ll be adding a lot more job posts and improving our site in the coming months.

Please email contact@actuarylist.com if you have any suggestions or feedback on what we're planning.

- The Actuary List Team