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SCOR is committed to an “in-office” culture where people can collaborate, exchange ideas and establish stronger working relationships while still providing flexibility. To support employee work life balance and increase opportunities for employees to excel every day, SCOR operates with a hybrid working arrangement. SCOR employees work 3 days per week in an office with the flexibility to work 2 days per week remotely.

Collaborates with other Financial Solutions team members on deal structuring/negotiations, internal approvals, deal execution, new solution development and on the ongoing monitoring of our portfolio. This role allows the Financial Solutions segment to develop revenue, scale and efficiency to expand to other product solutions in the US and globally. This position requires the individual to be innovative and experienced with a high level of financial, actuarial and reinsurance skills. Asset modeling expertise would be helpful and utilized but is not a requirement.

The position, together with team members, serves as the focal point for designing and executing financial solutions transactions that address the needs of insurance companies and other risk-taking organizations in the areas of capital, collateral, risk management and tax. The position will be part of a team to source, design and execute the transactions. The position will have a SGLA market focus while coordinating with SGL to access and leverage the experience in other jurisdictions globally.


  • Build a deal model (and facilitate a diligent peer model review by a colleague or consultant), or diligently peer review a deal model built by a colleague, for each Financial Solutions – Americas deal for which such tasks are not outsourced.
  • Coordinate for each relevant transaction with colleagues, clients and/or consultants who provide actuarial and/or investment model outputs, and actuarial and/or investment assumptions, to be used as deal model inputs.
  • Ensure for each relevant transaction that the deal model a) reasonably captures the economic attributes of the transactions, b) reasonably models the accounting, tax, capital and risk management calculations applicable for the transaction, and c) is functional for periodic monitoring of the transaction.
  • Explain your deal model (and sometimes the deal model that you peer reviewed) to the deal team leader, and to colleagues in other functional areas such as Pricing, Risk and Finance.
  • Collaborate with other team members (and sometimes consultants or colleagues in other functional areas) on deal structuring/negotiations,internal approvals, deal execution, new solution development, monitoring industry developments relevant for Financial Solutions, and the ongoing monitoring of the Financial Solutions - Americas portfolio.
  • Mentor colleagues with less deal modeling experience, who need or want to understand one of your deal models.


  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience required.
  • Associate of the Society of Actuaries (ASA) / Fellow of the Society of Actuaries (FSA) certification is preferred.
  • At least 5 years’ experience in Life Reinsurance actuarial or structured finance roles
  • At least 2 years in structured reinsurance.
  • Deep knowledge of and experience with deal model building for at least one of these: Inforce Acquisitions, XXX/AXXX reserve financing, surplus relief, capital relief reinsurance solutions. It is desirable to have experience in annuity pricing and understanding of de-risking offerings in the US
  • Executive presence and ability to present at many levels of an organization, both internally and with clients.
  • Brings credibility and integrity to the Financial Solutions team.

About us

SCOR, the 4th largest reinsurer in the world, provides insurance companies with a diversified and innovative range of solutions and services to control and manage risk. Leveraging experience and expertise to deliver “The Art & Science of Risk”, SCOR provides cutting-edge financial solutions, analytics tools and services in all areas related to risk – from Life & Health and Property & Casualty insurance to Investments. Our specialized teams operate in over 160 countries, fostering long-term relationships with clients.

In order to provide our clients with a broad range of innovative reinsurance solutions, SCOR pursues an underwriting policy that is founded on profitability and supported by effective risk management strategy and a prudent investment policy. This approach allows us to offer clients an optimum level of security, to create value for shareholders, and to contribute to the welfare and resilience of society by helping to protect insureds against the risks they face.

At SCOR, we believe that employing people from different backgrounds and ensuring inclusivity is a major driving force for the success of the Group. We are committed to fostering a work environment in which all employees are treated fairly and respectfully, have equal access to opportunities and resources, and can contribute fully to SCOR’s success.

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⛔️ SCOR are no longer taking applications for this job.

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