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⛔️ SCOR are no longer taking applications for this job.

Actuarial Analyst

Job Description

  • Contribute appropriately to internal and external client responses including following control processes, identifying and minimising operational risk and appropriately managing your own time
  • Mitigate and work to reduce operational risk in all areas of the team’s work
  • Contribute to a positive team culture focussed on making SCOR the best place to work and protection pricing the best team to work for.


Client response

  • Ability to perform all areas of client responses including ad hoc client work and tender responses.
  • This will include production of the required output within agreed timeframes with appropriate levels of self-checking, with full and accurate documentation. It will also include where appropriate required communication to the client including the preparation and carrying out of presentations. This refers to clients within SCOR (e.g. the marketing team) and external.
  • Output may include: premium rates, claims experience analysis, lapse experience analysis, CI condition pricing, basis items. Work will be appropriately documented including caveats, limitations and proposals for further investigations.
  • Agreeing the scope of all work and challenging scope creep.

Best estimate assumption changes

  • Impact testing and implementation of new best estimate assumption guidelines on all relevant pricing tools
  • Standardisation and improvement of pricing tools
  • The use of appropriate software and coding techniques to keep the UK pricing process as efficient as possible.
  • Identifying and scoping process and tool updates to achieve increased efficiency and reduce operational risk with regard to resource availability (e.g. adopting an MVP mindset)
  • Ongoing tool maintenance and improvements to team tools – scoping, building and designing testing for these improvements
  • Integration of ad hoc work into standard pricing tools and processes


  • Self-checking and communication of limitations of work
  • Identification and communication of areas where pricing guidelines aren’t followed
  • Full and appropriate documentation
  • Challenging approaches in the team that increase operational risk

Knowledge sharing

  • Contributing to team meetings and enhancing the knowledge of the team
  • Bringing new industry or technical knowledge to the team through contacts within the company or from outside.
Required experience & competencies


  • Graduate with relevant degree
  • Making good progress with the actuarial exams or has recently qualified
  • Some knowledge of Python or R
  • Familiarity with data visualisation packages such as PowerBi or tableau
  • Experience of working both within a team and as a self-motivated individual


  • Knowledge of Actuarial Modelling tools
  • Familiarity with project management tools e.g. Azure Devops


  • Knowledge of statistical analysis and data science techniques.
  • Ability to take ownership for your own work and time
  • Collaboration
  • Excellent formal and informal communication skills

About us

SCOR, the 4th largest reinsurer in the world, provides insurance companies with a diversified and innovative range of solutions and services to control and manage risk. Leveraging experience and expertise to deliver “The Art & Science of Risk”, SCOR provides cutting-edge financial solutions, analytics tools and services in all areas related to risk – from Life & Health and Property & Casualty insurance to Investments. Our specialized teams operate in over 160 countries, fostering long-term relationships with clients.

In order to provide our clients with a broad range of innovative reinsurance solutions, SCOR pursues an underwriting policy that is founded on profitability and supported by effective risk management strategy and a prudent investment policy. This approach allows us to offer clients an optimum level of security, to create value for shareholders, and to contribute to the welfare and resilience of society by helping to protect insureds against the risks they face.

At SCOR, we believe that employing people from different backgrounds and ensuring inclusivity is a major driving force for the success of the Group. We are committed to fostering a work environment in which all employees are treated fairly and respectfully, have equal access to opportunities and resources, and can contribute fully to SCOR’s success.

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⛔️ SCOR are no longer taking applications for this job.

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